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The Celebration of 2018 WONCA Family Doctor Day in Taiwan

On May 19, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) Association of Family Medicine (CTAFM) celebrated the 2018 Wonca Family Doctor Day at the Taipei Mayor’s Residence Art Salon. This is the 8th annual activity since 2011 and there were more than a hundred attendees. Professor Shinn-Jang Hwang, President of CTAFM gave his opening remark and Prof. Amanda Howe, Wonca President has kindly sent a video greeting from afar. Professor Meng-Chih Lee, President of Wonca Asia Pacific Region, and Dr. Brian Chang, Honorary Secretary of APR, were also invited as distinguished guests.

Opening remark by the President of CTAFM, Prof. Shinn-Jang Hwang
Congratulatory message from Wonca President Prof. manda Howe
Greeting speech of Prof. Meng-Chih Lee, President of Wonca Asia Pacific Region

The highlight of the function is the miniconcert. Dr. Chang Sheng-Hui, a famous flautist as well as practicing family doctor, was accompanied at the piano by his sister. Their presentation was followed by the violin performance of Mr. Liang Kun How, the Concertmaster of our National Symphony Orchestra. The music presentations were so exquisite and brought down the house in that afternoon.

Next was the important time of award ceremony. Prizes and certificates were given to 3 outstanding family doctors, 5 best teachers in primary care, and 2 best video clips. The winners also received presented flowers from their families, and big applauses from the attendees.

Outstanding Primary Care Family Doctors 2018
Best primary care teachers 2018
Best video clips award

award ceremony

Prof. Tsung Hsueh Lu, a family doctor and incumbent Director of the Health Bureau of Taichung City Government, gave a talk on better healthcare through IT technology. In the courtyard of Mayor’s Residence Art Salon, there were refreshments and educational games concerning the Q/A of primary health care issues which provided many barricades to break through. All the participants enjoyed the World Family Doctor Day celebrative activities. Importance concepts and values of Family Medicine were conveyed, not only to the participating citizens, but also to the public via the local media.


Thank you my family doctor for your great contributions

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